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Evolv AI

At Starkey, we understand the impact of hearing loss. This is why we take every step to make hearing effortless. Evolv AI changes the game with our most advanced Starkey Sound, enhanced connectivity, and a complete line of styles. When it comes to better hearing innovation, you can expect it effortlessly.

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Evolv AI Provides

  • 2-Way Audio Introducing a game-changing phone conversation experience. Evolv AI is updated to deliver 2-Way Audio. Now, hearing aid microphones pick up and stream voices directly back to iPhones and iPad *, allowing them to seamlessly talk hands-free.
  • Edge Mode Putting AI into every patient’s hands with on-demand features like Edge Mode has proven speech audibility advantages.
  • Fall Alert With significant improvements and expanded datasets, Fall Alert now provides even more accuracy in detection than ever before.
  • Reminders Patients get reminder and calendar alerts directly through their hearing aids.
  • TeleHear Even more flexibility and fine-tuning for your patients, wherever they are. You can seamlessly make adjustments virtually to their hearing aids.
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