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Many people with hearing loss struggle with conversations, device volumes and everyday sounds. Perhaps you or a family member have noticed your hearing loss. The good news is most hearing loss is treatable.

If you suspect a hearing loss, take the next step with a FREE hearing test at Pueblo & Canon City Hearing Aid. Your free hearing test will include a professional hearing test as well as a discussion with one of our Hearing Specialists about what treatments are suitable for your hearing and lifestyle needs.

Why Pueblo & Canon City Hearing Aid?

We are a devoted hearing aid practice featuring high-quality, personalized hearing solutions and services. We have 18 offices, each with a dedicated, experienced team of Hearing Specialists that offer hearing consultations, hearing aid repairs and tinnitus counseling. We are committed to providing world-class hearing healthcare that allows our patients to hear better and live better.


"I was new to hearing aids, but Shad and his team have made it a very pleasurable experience. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Follow up visits are key for me. Every visit I learn more and am more comfortable with my new normal. At first i was reluctant, but now am so happy I decided to bite the bullet and get hearing aids.” 

-Carole F.

“I really like the Pueblo Hearing Aids. Everyone is always pleasant and I feel comfortable. They go above and beyond to have you satisfied with your Hearing aids. The office staff is down to earth and we can laugh with one another. Good Work .Love you guys.”

-Charlotte R. 

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