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Meet Our Hearing Professionals


Shad Stockton

Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Shad began his training as a Hearing Instrument Specialist in 2008 and quickly found enjoyment in helping all of his clients. He loves being able to help clients with their hearing difficulties and takes the everyday challenges of helping people hear better seriously. Shad is committed to making sure all questions and concerns are addressed on each visit with his clients. He joined the staff of Pueblo and Canon City Hearing Aids in April 2011 and purchased the business in 2015. Shad has a B.S. in Accounting from NMSU and is Board Certified Hearing Instrument Sciences.

Shad and his family moved from Santa Fe, NM to Colorado in 2007 and now lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and 3 boys. His interest includes playing golf and whatever sports the boys are participating in during the current season. He helps coach his youngest son’s basketball and soccer teams and is heavily involved in volunteering his time with special needs kids at Christ Haven Lodge.

Shad and Family

Shad with Bill Austin
Shad and Shadow with Bill Austin(The Godfather of hearing aids) and president of Starkey Brandon Sawalich

Shad and Yoda
Shad is a fan of baby Yoda


Shadow Stockton

Pueblo Office Manager

Shadow H. Stockton is the Office Manager in our Pueblo office. He has a lovely wife and no kids just yet but can't wait for that chapter in his life. His hobbies include hunting, camping, spending time with loved ones, and playing pickleball. Shadow has worked in the Pueblo office since 2016. He is currently a Hearing Aid Apprentice and will become a dispenser in the near future, following in his father's footsteps. He loves helping people and wants to make sure that everyone who wears hearing aids truly hears. "Going to work and seeing people's faces light up when they can hear again is so rewarding. I also love working for my Dad who is my hero and best friend, he truly cares for our patients and making sure we do our part to help them hear and be able to enjoy those little moments with their loved ones."


Bri Gottschalk

Canon City Office Manager

Bri Gottschalk is the Office Manager in our Canon City office and has worked there since 2013. She finds helping clients with their hearing needs very rewarding.

“I grew up with a family member that had severe hearing loss. I have seen firsthand what hearing loss can take from a person's social and family life. Preventing that from happening to others brings me joy!”

photo of pam

Pam Spitzer

Pueblo Insurance Specialist and Patient Care Coordinator

Pam Spitzer is the Insurance Specialist and Patient Care Coordinator in our Pueblo office. Pam joined our team in 2018 after caring for her mother in hospice care where she learned how important hearing is to keep people engaged and active. Pam grew up in the rural Lamar area and is married with two grown boys; both who serve in the Armed Forces and has three beautiful granddaughters. She raised her family in Fowler for 22 years and her and her husband currently reside in Pueblo West. Her hobbies include camping, photography, art, reading, water-sports and spending time with her family.

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