We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

I was new to hearing aids, but Shad and his team have made it a very pleasurable experience. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Follow up visits are key for me. Every visit I learn more and am more comfortable with my new normal. At first i was reluctant, but now am so happy I decided to bite the bullet and get hearing aids.

Carole F.

I really like the Pueblo Hearing Aids. Everyone is always pleasant and I feel comfortable. They go above and beyond to have you satisfied with your Hearing aids. The office staff is down to earth and we can laugh with one another. Good Work .Love you guys.

Charlotte R.

What a wonderful experience we had today. We went to Pueblo Hearing Aid‘s. We couldn’t have been more warmly and kindly treated. Good old-fashioned friendliness and a genuine concern for us. Excellent service. Highly recommended!


Couldn't ask for a better more caring place! These guys are amazing!!!!! Thank you ❤

Tia R.

The people at Pueblo Hearing Aids treated us with exceptional courtesy and grace and more importantly, were able to handle my husband's issues with his hearing aids in a most professional and competent manner. We highly recommend them for all of your hearing needs.

Deborah G.

Great service and very friendly!

Ernesto Z.

The best I have had. The service is second to none! I have never had a problem that they couldn’t fix. The best store and hearing aid I have found.

Frank W.

We are very happy that we purchased our hearing aids from Pueblo Hearing Aids! Shad and Shaddow, Bri and Pam have all taken excellent care of us in caring for our hearing aids and helping us continue to be able to hear well! Both offices are friendly and kind and treat us like family, looking out for our needs!
With Our Sincere Thanks, Velda and Ken Anderson

Vel A.

We are very happy with our earring aids! Shad, Shadow and Staff have been great to help in our hearing needs!

Ken A.

Amazing customer service!! They are dedicated to service beyond the sale!! You have no clue how wonderful it is to have a company fully dedicated to helping an an individual hear! Make this place your FIRST choice when seeking out hearing devices! You won’t be disappointed!!

Kisner's Auction Services, LLC

I got my first pair of hearing aids here after years of dealing with with declining hearing issues. They help me select a pair that worked best for my needs. Always kind upbeat, and courteous! Any issues I’ve had with my hearing aids has always been taken care of seriously and promptly.

Tim V.

Always treats his clients with courtesy and care. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. It’s almost like home away from home.

Brenda J.

Great hearing aid specialist. Works great with people. Wouldn’t go any where else.

Jane F.

My husband has been a customer of Pueblo Hearing Aids for many years. He is on his third pair. Shad, Shadow, and the rest of the staff are wonderful "people persons" and have always done everything to help him to hear well. Since he hears well, it has been so much nicer for him and all our family and friends. I highly recommend them to anyone with a hearing problem!

Denise P.

I have been a customer of Pueblo Hearing Aids for many years and am on my third set of aids. Shad, Shadow, and crew have been super competent with the technology but more importantly they are wonderful "people persons" and have always gone the extra mile to help me have the best hearing experience! I highly recommend them to anyone with a hearing problem!

Douglas P.

So friendly and polite, clean beautiful office.

Allyson Z.

Finally got the right aids. My husband really likes them.

Delora L.

I have always visited a ENT and audiologist for my hearing aid needs but cannot overstate how happy I am with Pueblo Hearing Aids. Not just the exceptional hearing aids...but the service, time spent training, and ongoing customer care. Shad wants success, and wants to make sure that my hearing is the best it can possibly be. I recieved the identical hearing test that PhD audiologist have administered in the past. The follow up visits and care is outstanding. I feel like a client...not just a sale. I cannot recommend Pueblo Hearing Aids highly enough.

Michael B.

Upon first walking in and talking with Shadow and Pam, I knew this is where I wanted to do business! His calm and friendly demeanor was so nice to see! There's people that treat you nice and then there is people that make you feel special and like they've known you forever. Pueblo Hearing Aids is the second! Unfortunately with my insurance company, I was not able to do business here. When I informed Shadow of that, he never changed his tone or anything. He was just appreciative that I considered them! I just wanted to do this review because this is how much confidence I have in them that you'll be more than satisfied! Thanks again PHA!

Matthew L.

Shad and his team are amazing! They took care of my grandfather as if he was one of theirs. Too notch customer service. Highly recommended.

Nicole V.

Very professional, friendly enjoy my appointments, staff shows concerns of my questions. Nice place, always makes you feel right at home.

Marilyn L.

Every time we go in we are warmly greeted, offered snacks and something to drink (which we barely have time to finish because our wait is never long). Every person we have encountered was kind, professional, well versed in their area and willing to go above and beyond to help us. The products and service and follow-up care are unrivaled. We are grateful customers for life!

Phil R.

I would recommend the Pueblo hearing aid to anyone that's looking for a great audiologist

Kent G.

Pueblo Hearing Aid staff are always friendly and helpful. They keep my hearing aids in top condition. Very pleasant experience with every visit.

Sandra Y.

Husband and I both went in for hearing test. I'm in good shape now my husband's a different story Shad was great explaining everything to us and what my husband needed so thankful we chose this facility to go to for hearing aids looking forward to the hearing aids for Dave to come in. Shad said he would explain everything on how to use them when they come in we cannot wait thank you for being there for us.

Vicki S.

All this new technology seemed quite confusing. Thanks to Shad Stockton, BC-HIS, of Pueblo Hearing Aids (branch in Canon City, CO).
With his Knowledge and Expertise, he cut through the Fog in my mind, quickly explained the many details about the products. Using the "Thrive Hearing Control App" on the I phone, I can control the Hearing Aids and Table Microphone. I placed the Table Microphone, by the TV. With its Eight Speakers, I can hear the TV Audio anywhere I go in the house.
The clarity; and volume, remain the same, as though I was sitting in front of the TV. I Love It...
I'm glad I purchased my "Starkey" Hearing Aids. My first set was good for over Ten Years. Thanks again to Shad Stockton, for taking the time to explain the many details needed for me to understand and operate my Hearing Aids. Truly Yours RS

This month, December 2022, people are receiving an empty envelope from this company. I am not sure if this business forgot to put information in the envelope, or if they were having some sort of sale or deal and someone is opening and stealing the information from the envelopes. I gave it 5 stars because the company itself is great, but the mail out is aggravating.

BMC Notary Signing Services

Thank you for the opportunity to give kudos to Shad & Bri of the Canon City Hearing Aids Office.
My experience with them has been being with my Husband/ Harry @ his appointments.
Not only do they always warmly welcome him but have included me, as they know his care is important to both of us.
Harry has always been treated w/ respect & is able to joke w/ Shad which lets me know how at ease he feels.
Yet when needed - questions are answered with understanding & knowledge.
I recommend this team in Canon w/ complete confidence. We are fortunate to have them in Canon City!

Lorraine S.

Shad and Shadow are a pleasure to work with. They made adjustments as needed and always with a smile.
I appreciated all the adjustments Shadow did on my old pair of aids, free of charge. Even though I purchased them from another vendor. Thanks guys! You are the best!

Rosemary P.

It’s always a good experience when I have an appointment with Shad and Bri.!!! They are both so nice and will answer any questions I might have. They explain everything thoroughly so I know exactly what’s going on. I’m so glad that they are in Canon City!!

Shirley K.
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